Curl Curl Amateur Swimming Club

  1. Interpretation:  Words of the masculine gender shall include the feminine and vice versa.
  2. Any member of the Club can be called before the Committee for misconduct etc., or persistent misbehaviour. 
  3. Entries for all events shall close at 1.30 p.m. each Saturday and races will commence as soon as possible after entries close.
  4. When called each Competitor is to be on the board ready to start, otherwise he will be disqualified for that race.
  5. Each swimming day, members are to see that their names are marked off by the persons responsible, prior to closing time for entries. 
  6. The handicap programme for each Saturday will be one freestyle event for each distance, a 2x25m Brace relay and two style events for each distance. Every second Saturday after October, a long distance event of either 200m freestyle or 100/200m medley will be added to the program. Mile swims to be counted toward the Magic Miler award can be done at the completion of other handicap events.
  7. The first Saturday of every month after October will be a "go at GO" day with all swimmers starting at scratch and places calculated based on most improvement over current handicap time.
  8. The Wednesday night handicap programme will consist of races of progressively longer distance over the season. 
  9. A race program will be supplied to members at the start of each season and will show complete details of events for each Saturday and Wednesday.
  10. Freestyle and Butterfly, Breaststroke and Backstroke Championships will be held on two separate days. There will be no other handicap events on these days.
  11. On the remaining Championship Days the handicap programme shall consist of one freestyle and at least one style event for each distance, provided that entries do  not unduly extend the day's race programme beyond a 3 hour duration, in which case the Referee has discretion to vary such programme. 
  12. Long distance Championships of over 200m will be held on Wednesday nights.
  13. Individual attempts at mile or 1500m swims will be scheduled after all other handicap events on the day, unless otherwise approved by the referee.
  14. Handicapping rules.
    • Swimmers will be handicapped in a particular style on the fastest time of their last three swims. 
    • At the discretion of the handicappers, a member shall advance in handicap events of distances 15m, 25m, 33m up to the next distance when he/she has reached the following time in shorter distance. For 50m and 100m events, members can nominate to swim in one or other of these distances for each style.
    •  Distance    
      Freestyle       Backstroke     Breaststroke  Butterfly
       15m  15 seconds  18   19  18
       25m  25  30  32  30
       33m  33  -  -  40
       50m  50*  59*  63*  57*
      * recommendation only: Swimmers can nominate whether they wish to swim in 50m or 100m events for each style.
  15. In all 15m, 25m and 33m handicap events, when a member has moved up to a longer distance he/she cannot again compete in the shorter distance race for that stroke, except at the discretion of the handicappers.
  16. In all handicap races there shall be heats but no finals. 
  17. Points scored shall be recorded for all Club handicaps during the season for which awards will be made as follows:
    • 4 points for 1st
    • 3 points for 2nd
    • 2 points for 3rd
    • 1 point for starting, finishing and not being placed
    • 1 point for bubble or assisted swimmers. Bubble swimmers not be given "Youngest Swimmer" award.
    • Dead heats:
    • For 1st place halve 1st & 2nd points, next swimmer to receive 3rd place points.
    • For 2nd place halve 2nd & 3rd points, no 3rd place
    • For 3rd place halve 3rd & 4th place points.
    • Competitors Disqualified: no points   
    • Time Trials: 2 points (new members only) progression to longer distances to be by conversion.
    • New members who do not complete the distance in time trials of distance nominated to be given one point, and another time trial the next week of shorter distance.
  18. Where it is necessary for the Committee to abandon handicap events a point will be awarded to swimmers for each event in which they would normally swim and have entered.
  19. When races are abandoned after some races have been swum, all those who register receive one point. Unless the complete set of races for a particular style have been completed, those who had the opportunity to swim and gained places do not receive those additional points. 
  20. Those who do not swim in an event in which they have entered, without good reason, and swim in an earlier or later event lose their points for the event in which they swam.
  21. An Annual Pointscore shall be recorded commencing as  from the first swim in October of each season, such points to be in accordance with Rules 16 to 19. Monetary awards for Pointscores shall be determined by the Committee at their March or April meeting.
  22. Swimmers who are not financial will not have points awarded toward the pointscore until membership fees are paid. 
  23. A swimmer promoted during the season will carry all points for events scored in any distance of that stroke.
  24. A member's age is calculated as at 1st October in each swimming season. Membership fee to be decided by the Management Committee. 
  25. A member selected for an interclub event will show his willingness to compete if a reply to the contrary is not received within three (3) days. In the case of a member failing to comply with this rule he shall be liable to forfeit any claim for trophies or pointscores he may have won, this being at the discretion of the Committee.
  26. The same penalty may apply to members who qualify for a final at a carnival and fail to compete therein. 
  27. If a member is selected and accepts to swim in a team event and does not give notice to the handicappers before 2 p.m., if he or she for some good reason cannot attend, he or she will lose all points gained the previous day's swim prior to the night of the event. 
  28. The Club Championship Programme shall be decided by the Management Committee as soon as possible after the Annual General Meeting, the complete list of events  to be displayed on the Notice Board not Less than four weeks prior to the commencement of such events.
  29. The Management Committee shall decide the commencing date of the Championships.
  30. Members' Eligibility - Championships:
    • He/she must be a financial member
    • A member must have competed on three separate days in handicap events prior to the Championship. Prior swims do not have to be in the same style as the championship event.
    • Representation of the Club at Inter-Club or affiliated Association carnivals shall count toward the total number of swims, including registration when a cancelled day.
    • He/she must have presented his Birth Certificate for proof of age
  31. If a swimmer withdraws from Championship event without good reason (say Junior or Open) he will not be allowed to swim in his age group event on the same day or vice versa. 
  32. Championships will be the first events of each Championship Day 
  33. Heats for the Club Championships will be seeded based on the best times swum in handicap events during the season. The slowest heats are to be swum first and there are no finals. Championship placings will be determined by the times of the swimmers in the heats (unless overruled by the Chief Judge). The fastest time will be awarded 1st, second fastest 2nd and third fastest 3rd place.
  34. Entries for Championships will be submitted in writing on cards for each event that a swimmer intends to contest. Entries will close at 1:30pm on the Championship Day.
  35. In the event that a Championship is abandoned due to pool conditions, or required to be re-swum due to other circumstances, the committee will advise members within 7 days of the date for which the Championship is rescheduled.
  36. In the case of a re-swim of a single race, only those who entered the original event will be allowed to take part in the re-swim. Where a complete set of events has been  abandoned due to pool conditions, current entries will become void and a new entry card will be required from each swimmer on the resheduled Championship day.
  37. Seeding for the heats shall be the swimmer with the fastest time in the previous handicap races has the privilege of swimming in Lane 3 with the next fastest time on his left and right respectively. Swimmers who have not swum the distance for the Championship will have their seeding times estimated by the handicapers and  swimmers who have not swum in the relevant handicap races will be allocated at random to lanes after the seeded swimmers.
  38. Only members eligible to compete in Championships can swim in a Championship event - that is, have the complied with requirements of Rule 30 above.
  39. If any member is the only entrant for a Championship event, he is to be awarded first place, provided he swims the distance within a time limit based on his previous best time, and as assessed on the day by a panel comprising Referee, Handicapper and Timekeeper.  Failure to reach the qualifying time will be referred to the  Management Committee for decision. Swimmer to be reminded of this rule prior to swimming the event.
  40. The distance swum for a Championship does not affect handicap events for the remainder of the season. But times swum in Championship events can be used for handicapping purposes in the remainder of the season.  
  41. In the event of unfavourable conditions existing at the pool, the Referee and the Executive Committee shall make a decision concerning cancellation of swimming events not later than thirty minutes after closing of entries.
  42. Club Records. A list of club records will be maintained for each championship event.
    • No alteration to Club Records due to errors coming to light will be made after one (1) year has elapsed. 
    • Unless a protest is made within one (1) month of a Record being publicised, the Record will stand.
    • Three (3) official times are required to verify a Club record
  43. Provided swimmers are advised there can be no record recorded (and they agree) age groups and sexes can be amalgamated in Championships when there are not sufficient swimmers to fill the lanes.  
  44. Any member who desires to have a Restricted Age record recognised in an Open or Junior Championship must notify the Referee immediately after entering and not later than 1.40 p.m. on the day of the event, provided there are sufficient timekeepers available to deal with all record attempts.
  45. Should a member wish to make a solo attempt to break an existing Club Record for any event he/she can do so by giving one week's notice of his intention.
  46. All protests on race conduct or results must be made verbally to the Referee not later than 10 minutes after the event, and in writing to the Secretary not later than 48 hours after the event. The ruling to the Referee and the Committee must be communicated as soon as possible to the Complainant and any action recommended must be put into effect on the first suitable occasion.
  47. Boy & Girl Champions will be those members with the highest aggregate points scored in the current Open Championship events. (not including the 1500 m) on the basis of:
                         1st place: 7 points
                         2nd place: 3 points
                         3rd place: 1 point
  48. Any swimmer found in office without permission or touching microphone to lose all points for the day.
  49. Swimmers using a flotation device(s) will only be able to swim in the 15 m Freestyle Handicap races and receive 1 point regardless of placing. 
  50. Swimmers not swimming a stroke correctly will be advised to attend stroke correction or face disqualification in the Championships. 
  51. Swimmers starting before their handicap number is called will be cautioned by the referee(s) and the judge's places will be adjusted accordingly. 

Adopted 5/10/66 

Amended 2/11/66 

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